Tyler Hinson

The Potentialities and Dangers of Pleasure in Post-Fordist Organisations

Tyler Hinson

PhD student, University of Essex

Start of the project: October 2012

Funding: University of Essex / Essex Business School scholarship

Co-supervisor: Chris Land

Abstract: My current research project is to understand the development and use of pleasure within post-Fordist organizations. Recent empirical investigations into forms of cognitive and creative labour have acknowledged that pleasure is undeniably present, yet a conceptualization of its presence is lacking. How does one make sense of pleasure within context new forms of labour? Can we understand it as a process of capital valorising the affect and subjectivity of workers in line with autonomist Marxists inflections? Does pleasure provide a vehicle for capital to increasingly extract surplus labour, in which individual subjective pleasures align with the objectives of value creation? Or, can we situate pleasure in a more emancipatory role, as offering an escape from the control and objectives of capital, disrupting its flows? These are some of the primary questions that will guide my research.

Contact: thinso AT essex.ac.uk