Professor Steffen Boehm takes an inter-disciplinary approach to teaching topics in organisation, sustainability, corporate governance, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, environment and political economy. His teaching is research-led, theoretically astute and practice oriented. He has been teaching at all levels, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA and PhD.

His teaching is informed by his many years of working in the world of business as well as his involvement with policymakers, NGOs, community groups and social movements. His lecturers and classes are hence practice oriented, analysing the organisational realities on the ground. This bottom-up or grassroots perspective is driven by the political and ethical need for students to engage with real social, economic and environmental problems – not just in the privileged world but also in disadvantaged and marginalised communities and countries.

Professor Boehm rarely uses PowerPoint slides, instead favouring a discursive engagement with students who are expected to take notes during lectures and participate in group activities and class discussions. He works with a range of real-world case studies, many of which are based on his many published journal articles and books.

Current teaching responsibilities at Exeter:

BEP2060 – Research for Inquiry

Past teaching responsibilities at Essex:

BE467 Managing for Ethics and Sustainability

CS201 The World In Question: The Social, Political and Psychological Legacies of the Enlightenment

BE852 Sustainability & Supply Chain Management: Ethical Management in a Globalizing World 

BE410 Organisational Behaviour

BE435 Management, Society and New Forms of Work

BE450 Management in Organisations

BE950 Research Evaluation Projects

BE455 Management Psychology

BE951 Research Methodologies in Accounting and Management

BE952 Philosophy of Management and Accounting

BE530 Advanced Marketing

BE418 Management and the Cultural Industries

Regular international lecturing invitations:

2016 – to date: Guest Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

2015 – to date: Visiting Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden

2014 – to date: Visiting Professor, University of St Andrews, Scotland

2009/10: Visiting Lecturer, University of Innsbruck, Austria

2008/9: Visiting Lecturer, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

2006: Visiting Lecturer, FGV Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2006: Visiting Lecturer, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

2006: Visiting Professor, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil