Tag: critical theory

Against Automobility

Abstract:  “Despite its promise of freedom and autonomy, the ubiquity of the automobile has influenced unforeseen ecological, social, and political change. In Against Automobility, a panel of distinguished scholars take a critical […]


Abstract: ‘There is no such thing as society’, Margaret Thatcher once said. Society = O = Zero. Leftleaning liberals love to hate her for this statement, as it symbolises her whole ideological […]

Handle with care

Abstract: ‘Organization studies does not exist’. Given all that talk of paradigm proliferation, pluralism and other apparent open-mindedness, you might have thought that Lacan had the perfect slogan to explain the fundamental gap […]

No critique

Abstract: In many parts of the contemporary, post-modernised social sciences Kant is often seen as an enemy: part of the ‘axis of evil’ of Enlightenment philosophers that also comprises fundamentalists such as Descartes […]