Research Projects

Research interests

  • Political economies and ecologies of management, organisation and sustainability
  • Governance of climate change and carbon markets
  • Sustainability and governance of the food-energy-water-environment nexus
  • Environmental activism inside and outside organisations and corporations
  • Contestations and struggles between business, governments and civil society

Research projects

Professor Boehm’s research focuses on a range of social scientific analyses of problems of environmental sustainability. He is currently engaged in the following projects, many of which have received funding from a range of sources:

Climate policy and carbon markets: A critical interrogation of the social struggles involved in forming a sustainable climate policy. Prof Boehm has developed critical understandings of the role of carbon markets, arguing that they have been a distraction and that they have had a range of unintended, negative social and environmental consequences.

Sustainability of the food system: Developing an inter-disciplinary and political economy approach to understanding issues of health, well-being, environmental sustainability, work and labour in the global food system. Prof Boehm has run funded research projects on local food systems, agroecological business and health and well-being

The water-food-energy-environment nexus: Expanding our perspective of the nexus by incorporating political, economic and social issues that are not normally considered by environmental scientists and systems engineers.

Environmental activism amongst social movements, community groups, NGOs, policymakers and company employees and managers: Expanding our perspective of activism to include domains not normally considered to be ‘activist’.

Political economy of organisation: Expanding our view of organisation to include social movement, environmental and political activities. Such a view must include an understanding of the social struggles between business, government and civil society actors who often have different interests, facing divergent material realities and practices.

In all of the above areas he’s been supervising Masters dissertations and PhD theses.