PhD Supervision

Current PhD students

Lauren Crabb – Carbon markets: A crucial mechanism in our fight against climate change or another example of imperialism?

Matthew Hancocks – Disclosing Disclosing: An immanent critique of Disclosing New Worlds as a key text in the Processual School of Entrepreneurship Studies

Sanjay Lanka – The Araku Way: Sustainability Accounting for Fair Trade Coffee

Tamás Lestar: Managing for food sustainability: Vegans and the vegan food society

Ruth Melville – Measuring the Unmeasurable: Exploring the Impact of Measurement on Value in the Arts

David Watson – Assessing the contribution of a more localised food system to wellbeing

Will Lewis: The political organisation of GM food: A discourse analysis

Jasper Finkeldey: The social and environmental realities of mining in South Africa

Celal Cahit Agar: The social, economic and environmental implications of wind turbine projects in Turkey.

Completed PhD Projects

Francisco Valenzuela: Driving (e)quality: Exploring subjectivity in the implementation of emergent public sector reforms in Chilean higher education

Bo Le – Governance and supply chain management in the electric car industry in China

Samuel Mansell – A Critique of Stakeholder Theory; Sam is now a Lecturer in Management at the University of St. Andrews

Birke Otto – Politics and Management in Water Governance: Networks, Knowledge and Capacities

Aanka Batta – Becoming Selves: Psychoanalysis and Consumer Identity

Neil Sutherland – Social Movement Organisations: Democracy, Participation and Leadership

Visiting students:

Yuna Fontoura, Brazil, The governance of food security: a discourse analysis

Rafael Kruter Flores, Brazil, The appropriation of water: A critique