Bo Le

Governance and supply chain management in the electric car industry in China

Bo Le

PhD student, University of Essex

Start of the project: October 2011

Funding: Self

Abstract: Facing up to ever more serious environmental and resource challenges in China, this research focuses on the development of the electric car industry with consideration of the current new-energy battery industry in China. The roles of government, corporation and civil society in the governance of electric cars will be discussed within a neo-Gramscian approach. I merge the governance approach with actor-network theory, discussing the role of human and non-human ‘translators’ in the construction of the ‘new-energy battery’. In my empirical work I will make a qualitative study based on the methods of documentary analysis, observations and interviews. Specifically, I will make a case study on BYD, one of the leading electric car manufactures in China, as well as some battery suppliers. As a result I will discuss the findings within the Chinese governance system of electric cars and point out the future for developing electric cars in China.

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