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Whole System Approaches for Smart, Flexible Energy Systems


Energy systems are changing rapidly in terms of technologies and their economics, behaviours and governance. The change in research and policy focus around renewable energy sources, from deployment, to integration, is a key phase in this transition, requiring energy systems to be smart and flexible, as well as low-carbon. Necessitating the coordination of multiple technological and social innovations, it is evident that such challenges cannot be addressed from within disciplinary boundaries, and calls for a greater coordination of expertise and approaches from multiple disciplines towards a whole-systems approach.

ExeterEnergy is an initiative bringing together over 100 individuals engaged in energy issues at the University to collectively make sense of and facilitate transformation and resilience in energy systems. This involves all colleges across campuses, including CEMPS (Renewables, CSM, Mathematics), CLES (CGES, Biosciences), Social Sciences (Law, Politics, Sociology) the Business School (Organisation Studies, Economics), and the Medical School (ECEHH).

Together, and in partnership with industry, government and civil society, our focus is on understanding and addressing the challenges associated with changing energy systems.

This launch event aims to:

  • Celebrate the full breadth and depth of energy activity across the University
  • Bridge disciplinary/college divides by identifying synergies between the research efforts of individuals/research groups within the university
  • Provide a platform for strengthening links with organisations outside of the university

The first part of the afternoon is an internal networking event for University staff and students, with a ‘speed-dating’ session providing an opportunity to interact with others from the University beyond their immediate network.

Individuals and organisations from outside of the University are then invited to join us after 4pm. We will hear about the diversity of energy research from across the University. After a networking reception, invited speakers will then offer three perspectives on addressing the whole energy systems challenge.


Provisional agenda

Part I ExeterEnergy in the University

1300-1400            Lunch

1400-1410            Welcome to Part I

1410-1430            Iain Soutar: Introduction to ExeterEnergy and outline of day

1430-1550            Speed dating

Part II ExeterEnergy and the wider community

1550-1610            Cream tea and registration

1610-1620            Dave Hosken: Welcome to Part II

1620-1630            Richard Cochrane: Energy in CEMPS

1630-1640            Iain Soutar: Energy in CLES

1640-1650            Steffen Boehm: Energy in the Business School

1650-1700            Séverine Saintier: Energy in the Social Sciences

1700-1710            Jim Grant: Energy, partnerships and impact

1710-1800            Drinks reception

1800-1815            Goran Strbac, Prof of Energy systems at Imperial College London: Energy systems integration

1815-1830            Edward Nelson, Smart Energy Advisor at BEIS: The policy perspective

1830-1845            Caroline Carroll, Innovation Lead, Cornwall Council: The local context

1845-1930            Drinks reception and close

Have questions about Whole System Approaches for Smart, Flexible Energy Systems? Contact ExeterEnergy, University of Exeter