Announcements and Calls

Can the Circular Economy Save Britain’s Food and Farming Industry?

The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group (APSRG) and the University of Exeter Business School are delighted to invite you to their upcoming event on the circular economy and the opportunities it presents for the future of Britain’s food and farming industry.

Employing more than three million people and contributing over £110 billion to the economy, Britain’s food and farming industry is crucial for national prosperity. The industry faces enormous challenges however, including intensive use of water, energy and raw materials, degradation of ecosystem services, and substantial waste at every stage of the supply chain. Uncertainty over post-Brexit policy and future economic landscape, along with the impact of climate change, only adds to the difficulties.

The new paradigm of the circular economy (CE) where resource value is maximised and shared, while waste is eliminated, is fast emerging as a possible solution to these challenges. But can CE principles help improve the resilience and efficiency of the food and farming sector? What are the opportunities and barriers? And how can small and medium-sized enterprises, which account for the overwhelming majority of food and farming businesses, benefit?

A panel of experts from Food and the Circular Economy – South West, an interdisciplinary research project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and led by the University of Exeter Business School will join politicians and industry players to address these questions and present an overview of the circular economy model for the British food sector.


12.00: Registration

12.15: Refreshments & light lunch

13.00: Welcome by the chair, Barry Sheerman MP

13.10: Presentation of the circular economy research project by Professors Steffen Boehm and Mickey Howard; introduction of Proper Cornish by Founder and Chairman Philip Ugalde and other speakers.

14.30: Plenary session; Q&A and closing remarks

15.00: Event finishes