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30th ANZAM Conference & Keynote Speaking: Under New Management – Innovating for sustainable and just futures


ANZAM 2016

Tuesday 6 – Friday 9 December, 2016

Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus

The School of Management in the QUT Business School is very pleased to welcome you to the 30th annual Australian New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference. The Conference will be held here on campus at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) at our city – Gardens Point – campus.

The Conference will begin on the evening of Tuesday 6th of December, and will conclude Friday 9th of December. The Conference will begin with a welcome reception in the beautiful Old Government House. The theme of the Conference is “Under new management: Innovating for sustainable and just futures”. This theme leads us to consider and address the need for management theory and practice to forge new directions and create innovative approaches, processes and practices in order to build sustainable and just futures for people, communities, businesses and governments.

The ANZAM Conference provides a platform for scholars and practitioners to explore these ideas. In this regard,  the conference will bring four keynote speakers together:

  • Steffen Böhm (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Mary Uhl-Bien (Texas Christian University, USA)
  • Julieanne Alroe (CEO and Managing Director at Brisbane Airport Corporation Limited)
  • Ian Lowe (School of Science at Griffith University, Australia)

In his keynote speech, Prof Steffen Böhm reviews the approaches companies, governments and other organisations are taking to manage climate change. Using the concept of fetishism, he will show that managing carbon emissions is not simply an environmental act but involves psychological and economic dimensions that are closely intertwined. Moreover, carbon management is not something that has only become necessary in the 21st Century; instead, it has always been part and parcel of the modern organisation. Prof Böhm will discuss what such a historical perspective of the relationship between nature and management might mean for how managers, policymakers and NGO activist deal with climate change.