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EDF Energy’s green CSR claims examined: the follies of global carbon commodity chains

Abstract: In this article, we analyse the dynamic connections constituted by the global commodity chains of carbon markets, which offer profit, marketing and legitimacy- providing opportunities for both Northern and Southern corporations. Specifically, we contrast EDF Energy’s green CSR and marketing discourse with the social, economic and environmental realities on the ground near the factory of Gujarat Fluorochemicals  Limited (GFL), which operates one of the biggest clean development mechanism (CDM) projects in India. Based on historical documents, secondary datasets, compan-ies’ websites and their financial information, primary ethnographic and interview data, our analysis makes a direct link – enabled by global carbon markets – between the  green claims made by EDF Energy, one of the biggest energy companies in the UK, and the dirty reality of GFL’s operations in India. In this historical case, we put into doubt the green CSR claims made by EDF Energy, questioning the discourse of sustainable development and improvement in people’s lives that surround global carbon markets and specifically the CDM.

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