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From the Open Road to the High Seas? Piracy, Damnation and Resistance in Academic Consumption of Publishing

Abstract: “”In their Proposition, David Harvie and colleagues develop their earlier work on the political economy of academic publishing (Harvie et al., 2012) to suggest a new avenue of resistance to what is characterized as the highly damaging profiteering of
academic commercial publishers. Following Lenin’s classic revolutionary question, ‘What is to be done?’, Harvie and colleagues explore the options for editors to wrest control of their journals from publishers, taking them to new publishing houses; for example, working with university presses or publishing through a learned society. Harvie and his colleagues discovered that escaping from the grasp of their own journal publisher was harder than they had expected.””

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This paper is part of a wider debate on the role of for-profit academic publishing: Prometheus – Critical Studies in Innovation

The Prometheus debate has prompted this Times Higher article: Resignations threat over Taylor & Francis ‘censorship’