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Climate science skeptics looking more foolish by the day



In the light of the extreme weather events we’ve seen in many parts of the world over the past year, not even mentioning the ongoing flooding saga in England, sceptics of climate change science look increasingly foolish, naive and irresponsible.

Particularly in the high polluting Anglosaxon countries, vested interests have given millions to think tanks, PR agencies and individual ‘scientists’ to question and actively disrupt the consensus by the worldwide scientific community that climate change is due to human activity.

A repeated offender in the UK, for example, is Lord Lawson who runs the climate sceptic think tank The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). It’s a shame and even a scandal that he’s given a lot of airtime by the media at the moment to question the link between the flooding in England and climate change.

Let’s not forget: as much as climate change is about the natural world and ecosystems, it is also a political, economic and cultural struggle for the future of our planet. Those who benefit most from our current unsustainable practices will not give their privileges up without a fight.

Lord Stern just warned us again that his 2006 report was not radical enough. He says that, if we don’t cut emissions radically now, it is very likely that within our lifetime we will have to encounter climate change conflict and war, not peace and prosperity.