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Academia, the G8 and other misfortunes: notes on two journeys

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“Purpose – Aims to discuss the relationship between the recent G8 summit of 2005, held at Gleneagles, Scotland, and events occurring around the same time in the world of academe and in the global media.

Design/methodology/approach – Draws upon personal experience and interpretation in order to raise issues for critical discussion and reflection, in relation to the impact and effectiveness of resistance movements within academe, activist counter-movements, and in society at large.

Findings – It is argued that high-profile media presentations of “big wins” and of major change to “first world” policy in relation to “third world” poverty and development mask a situation of no real change to structural factors of global economics and political power, and that this is an area which should be addressed by the academic community.

Originality/value – Discusses issues of contemporary relevance, and seeks to stimulate further debate and discourse in the academic arena.”

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